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This Wednesday: Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

Participants get a taste of what it would be like to be on reality TV shows such as Fear Factor, Minute To Win It, Survivor & The Amazing Race while implementing their leadership, communication and problem solving skills. You must use your wit, sleuthing skills, team work and sheer determination to find clues, solve puzzles and unlock a door within 60 minutes to escape a locked room while the Zombie get closer and closer! Participants get to become part of a plot and a cohesive unit that actively controls the story line of their session. With Room Escape Atlanta, you get some skin in the game as you, your friends, and co-workers become the protagonists who race against the clock to determine your own fate. 
Although we provide the utmost luxury at Brookleigh Flats, we realize that you need to get out and socialize with those in your surrounding community. This event gives you the chance to do just that! Don’t hesitate to attend today! 

Event Date/Time: 
Wednesday, October 7, 2015 – 6:30 PM 

Event Venue Location: 
Room Escape Atlanta 
1751 Montreal Circle 
Tucker, Georgia 30084 

#Atlanta #Zombie

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